All Finaxial Applications Included, Always

With Finaxial you have access to ALL our modules, all your users have access to ALL our modules. When we release new modules, you will have full access to these new applications, we will not charge for access to any application.

All our applications will be released pre-integrated into the full Finaxial solution set, you will NEVER have to configure our solutions.

Why do we make ALL current and future applications available at no extra charge ?

At finaxial we understand everyone has different needs of the solution they use, we know you may want to use certain applications more than others, but on occassion need access to one particular module.
Do you want to pay a licence cost for a module you use infrequently?

We don’t think that is fair or right.  With the Finaxial solution you can use invoicing once a month (incurring one transaction), resulting in a cost to use the invoicing module in the pennies a month.

We feel positive it’s hard to beat our offering.