No Installation

Using software often requires installation of software, using a suite of applications can have complex configuration steps.  Finaxial removes all of the installation and configuration, we do all that for you.

Simply select the price plan you want, enter a few basic details and inside of 3 minutes you will have an email letting you know your account is ready to use.

Log in, tell us a bit about your company, add a project and bank accounts.  Inside of 5 minutes, you’re ready to go.

Ready to Use

The Finaxial solution is ready to use out of the box, once you have told us a little bit about your company, then you’re are good to go.

We have pre-configured the entire solution, which means:

  • business rules are defined and implemented
  • accounting rules are defined and implemented
  • business event and accounting event integration is complete
  • accounting ledger configuration is completed and ready to use
  • cross application integration is complete
  • reports are defined and ready to use

All you need to do is use the solution and add your data.


Cloud Storage

All your data is stored on the Cloud, this means you don’t have to worry about losing any data, its backed up and completely secure.