Accounting can be confusing and time consuming, why can’t you run your business and the accounting is done for you.  Well, with the Finaxial solution it is.  We have integrated the business activities, defined the accounting rules and automated the accounting postings, so you can get on with running your business from the instant you choose us.

General Ledger

Accountants use ledgers to manage accounting entries, the General Ledger is the primary source of all accounting records.
Finaxial has placed a fully functional multi-currency, multi-entity, multi-jurisdiction General Ledger at the heart of the solution set.

The result is every business action results in an accounting entry being created, and that the business and accounting are aligned and reconciled at all times.

Accounting Adjustments

On occassion there may be the need to enter accounting adjustments into the solution.  For example, adjustments to corporate taxation.

Finaxial provides this capability, allowing your accountant to use your books in our solution in real-time.

Accounting Rules

Our solution has pre-defined accounting rules, this means that you can use the solution within minutes of selecting a price plan.
As we add more modules to the Finaxial solution we will provide pre-defined accounting rules for those new modules.

The accounting rules utilises our own rules engine, this makes sure that the rules of accounting are followed at all times. Our solution ensures integrity of your data.

Accounting Features

General Ledger

One source for your accounting records, pre-integrated with all Finaxial moduels


In built accounting Logic, ensures double entry in the ledger always balances by legal entity and currency

Accounting Rule

Entry to the ledger is through the accounting rules engine, this ensures that the postings are correct

No Deletion

The general ledger does not allow data deletion or editing after posting, only data addition

Defined Rules

Accounting rules are pre-defined, allowing you to get going straight away.


Auto-lineage between originating data and accounting


Auto Year-end close and management of closed period


Creates entries into the ledger automatically


Give all or a selection of users access to the payroll  module

No Configuration

Ready to use immediately, just add your projects and users.

Global Access

Manage payroll from any location, data is not held locally so reduce risk from lost computers


Every ledger posting is traceable to the originating transaction

Any Device

You can access your Invoices  (or any other Finaxial application from any device with web connectivity

24 x 7

Access Invoicing anytime day or night, do your admin when you want (rushing for a deadline, don’t worry we are there all the time)

Latest Updates

Because we manage the technical aspects of the solution, you always have the latest version

Backed Up

Your data is held on the Amazon cloud, which makes it as secure

Accounting, without the accounting

The Finaxial solution generates your accounting for you automatically, it is pre-confgured with accounting rules, has automatic traceability between source data and the accounting entries.  With our real time accounting engine, you always see your latest accounts.