Banking enables the entries in the physical bank account to be matched to entries in the accounting, the rule is every bank statement line should have an entry in the ledger bank account (the accounting).

Bank Account Entries

Either manually enter or upload your bank account entries into the banking module.
The bank account entries can then be reconciled to the accounting, making sure there are no discrepancies between your physical bank account and your accounting.

Full traceability of reconciliation at all times, and ability to report on the matching.  Setup as many bank accounts as you require in the banking solutions

Bank Reconciliation

The bank reconciliation functionality allows for all items in the bank account to be matched to the entries in the accounts for the bank.

This ensures that the accounts accurately reflect the reality of payments in and out of your business, reducing effort.


Create accounting entries directly from the bank reconciliation, enabling fast and easy reconciliation to the accounts where no accounting entries exist.

This allows bank items such as bank fees and currency exchange differences to be entered into the accounting and reconciled in one go, eliminating time-consuming and complex activities common in other software.

Banking Features


Give all or a selection of users access to the banking module


Multiple bank accounts as standard, auto-link to ledger

No Configuration

Ready to use immediately, just add your bank account

Global Access

Access banking on the move, any location with web access

Fully Integrated

Banking is pre-integrated with the other Finaxial modules, enabling immediate use


Do an item by item reconciliation, know what matches & what does not

Ready Reports

Banking, reconciliation and other reporting available immediately


Made an error, no problem, unmatch a reconciled item then match the correct items


Banking is multi-company enabled, use the solution from any of your companies

Ledger Entry

Create a ledger entry directly from the bank account, immediate impact on the ledgers

Unmatched List

Clear listing of accounting and bank entries which require matching


Lineage to originating transactions, ledger postings & reconciliation

Any Device

Banking can be used from a computer, tablet or phone.  Work as you want to.

24 x 7

Access banking anytime day or night, do your admin when you want

Latest Updates

Because we manage the technical aspects of the solution, you always have the latest version

Backed Up

Your data is held on the Amazon cloud, which makes it as secure

Banking, a simple to use interface

Expenses is designed to be simple to use, we have removed complexity and provided a powerful, flexible tool which takes seconds to familiarise yourself with.  Our streamed overview below is less than 60 seconds.

When is the last time you learned a new piece of software that quick?

And, its not just Expenses which we have made simple to use.

Online How to Videos

We find it easier to follow an instructional video than a document or someone on the phone, we have placed on our YouTube site instructional videos on all aspects of using the Finaxial solution applications.  There for you to use at your own pace and time, available 24 x 7.