Finaxial Billing

Our solution shows you where your price plan allowance usage is up to live and in real-time.  This makes sure you know what you have left from your price plan allowance, and shows you the amount due to be paid.

Allowance & Usage

We provide an online usage module which shows you how many transactions, files and users you have used this month.
We show each and every transaction,file and user you have used in the month, similar in structure and format to your mobile phone bill.

Get a PDF of your monthly bill.  All your bills will be available online.

Clear Billing

At Finaxial we believe in clear and unambiguous billing, we do NOT want you to have any surprises.

We work on a rolling month contract basis, no long tie ins.


Should you need to use more transactions, files or users in a month than in the price plan you have selected you can purchase a bolt-on.
Bolt-on’s provide a fixed number of transactions, files or users for a price far below the additional excess charges.

We also help you to identify when to upgrade or  downgrade price plans.