Customisation is NOT complex configuration, but a way of allowing you to add a bit of your information to the solution to personalise your experience.  Add a company, a project or a bank account in under a minute.  We then manage all configuration needed behind the scenes, automatically and instantly.


We do NOT provide any limitations on how many companies you can setup in the Finaxial solution.
We do NOT charge you anything additional for running more than one company in the Finaxial solution.

When you add a new company, all other modules automatically make the new company available.


Add as many projects as you want, there are NO limitations.
Decide whether the project is billable to a client or not.

Track activites by project.

Multi-Bank Account

Add as many bank accounts as you need.
Once a bank account is added, the solution automatically links the bank account to the accounting, and the postings end up in the right place.

Reconcile the bank accounts, you know what matches and what does NOT match.  Know how much money you have.