Payroll enables the salary, bonus and dividend payments, national insurance and taxation to be calculated, and payslips produced.  Plus much, much more.

Salary & Bonus

Enter current salary, manage salary changes and declare bonuses.
Payroll calculates your tax allowance and allows you to enter your tax code provided by HMRC.
Payroll calculates National Insurance and Taxation due on salary and bonus.

Payslips are available for each month and each user using Payroll, showing monthly and YTD positions, plus all other details that would typically be provided on the payslip.


Declare a dividend, our solution allocates the correct amount to each of the shareholders, ensuring you are compliant with company law.

Our solution calculates the Taxation due on the declared dividend, taking into account personal allowances.


Accounting entries are made automatically into the ledgers, ensuring:

  • that the physical payments leaving the bank account can be reconciled
  • statutory accounts and accounting results reflect the payments out of your company for salary, bonus and dividend.

Adjusting salary or declaring bonuses & dividends in the year or even reversing payments results in accurate and correct accounting.

Payroll Features

Manage Salary

Create and manage salaries for all or selected users, change pay from a specified date, auto-calculation of pay in a tax year

Pay Dividends

Declare a dividend, auto allocate to shareholders, cancel and amend dividends up to point of payment

Create a Bonus

Ability to pay and manage bonus payments, pay as many bonus payments in a year as are required


Payroll calculates a users national insurance liability (personal and corporate)


Calculates personal taxation liability, takes account of allowances and tax bands across salary/bonus and dividend


Auto-generates a payslips for users, view prior months payslips

Pay Run

Generates pay-run details, know who and when you have to make payroll payments


Creates entries into the ledger automatically


Give all or a selection of users access to the payroll  module

No Configuration

Ready to use immediately, just add your projects and users.

Global Access

Manage payroll from any location, data is not held locally so reduce risk from lost computers


Automatically generates lineage from payroll to ledger and payments

Any Device

You can access your Invoices  (or any other Finaxial application from any device with web connectivity

24 x 7

Access Invoicing anytime day or night, do your admin when you want (rushing for a deadline, don’t worry we are there all the time)

Latest Updates

Because we manage the technical aspects of the solution, you always have the latest version

Backed Up

Your data is held on the Amazon cloud, which makes it as secure

Payroll, as simple to use interface

Payroll is designed to be simple to use, we have removed complexity and provided a powerful, flexible tool which takes seconds to familiarise yourself with.  Our streamed overview below is less than 60 seconds.

When is the last time you learned a new piece of software that quick?

And, its not just Payroll which we have made simple to use.

Online How to Videos

We find it easier to follow an instructional video than a document or someone on the phone, we have placed on our YouTube site instructional videos on all aspects of using the Finaxial solution applications.  There for you to use at your own pace and time, available 24 x 7.