Our reporting solution is real-time, pulling data from the business and accounting entries at the time of the report being run.  You always know the latest position of your profits, business and accounting.

Financial Reporting

At any time you can:

  • see how much money you have to pay yourself with
  • what VAT you owe to or are owed from HMRC
  • an estimate of the corporation tax due
  • an estimate of the personal tax due (to you and all others using payroll)
  • invoices outstanding
  • balance sheet
  • profit and loss account
  • VAT returns

and much much more.

Pre-defined Reports

We provide a selection of pre-built reports, which pull data live from the underlying data, ensuring you always see the latest position, based on data entered into the Finaxial solution.

Reports can be viewed on screen, output to a file or printed.

Business Reporting

Track information about your business activities:

  • who has and has not submtted timesheets
  • which expenses are due to be paid to whom
  • what invoices are outstanding, to whom and for how long
  • when invoices are due to be paid by you
  • what monthly salaries are due for payment
  • whether the bank account is reconciled, and which entries are not matched