Timesheet enables the amount of time spent on a project or activity to be recorded, each timesheet submitted results in the amount chargeable to clients being calculated ready for invoicing.

Record Time

Timesheet allows you to record the time you spend at your clients or on your projects.
With a billing rate for each project, the amount of money generated for the time spent on each project or client is automatically calculated for you.
Timesheet records time against weeks, you can submit, recall and resubmit a week as many times as you want.


Timesheet automatically generates the accounting without you having to do anything.

Change an entry, no problem the change is automatically reflected in your accounting.


All our applications in the Finaxial solution are pre-integrated, which means the entries you make in the timesheet are automatically and instantly made available to invoicing once you have submitted the weeks timesheet.

Also, the ability to change a weeks timesheet entry is removed once the week has been invoiced.  Timesheet and invoice are always synchronised.


All users given access to the solution by you can use Timesheet.


As many projects as you want to have can be entered.

No Configuration

Ready to use immediately, just add your projects and users.

Global Access

Timesheet useable from any location, Working abroad,  thats fine!

Fully Integrated

Timesheet comes pre-integrated to the Finaxial solution suite.

Built in Logic

Built in logic ensures that time bound rules are followed.

Ready Reports

Timesheet reporting ready for you to use, see the impact on finances.


Option to choose whether or not to charge project time to client.

Entry for Others

Capability to enter timesheet for others, or others for you.

6 Minutes

Time is entered in hours to one decimal place, 6 minute intervals.


Recall any timesheet which has not been invoiced.


Every project days entry can be traced to the accounts.

Any Device

You can access your Timesheet (or any other Finaxial application from any device with web connectivity.

24 x 7

Access Timesheet anytime day or night, do your admin when you want (on a train? absolutely!)

Latest Updates

Because we manage the technical aspects of the solution, you always have the latest version.

Backed Up

Your data is held on the Amazon cloud, which makes it as secure and loss proof as is  feasible.

Timesheet, simple to use interface

Timesheet is designed to be simple to use, we have removed complexity and provided a powerful, flexible tool which takes seconds to familiarise yourself with.  Our streamed overview right is less than 60 seconds.

When is the last time you learned a new piece of software that quick?

And, its not just Timesheet which we have made simple to use.

Online how to videos

We find it easier to follow an instructional video than a document or someone on the phone, we have placed on our YouTube site instructional videos on all aspects of using the Finaxial solution applications.  There for you to use at your own pace and time, available 24 x 7.